Incorporated in 1989, Prachin Chemical is a partnership firm specialized in the manufacturing of ‘Cellulose’ products. The company is certified for production by GMP, ISO, HALAL & Kosher. Initially, the company produced products for ceramic, paint, paper, etc industries and steadily switched to the Food & Pharma Industry with the passing years.

The production facility is a part of the huge industrial development known as Naroda GIDC in the western capital of India - Ahmedabad. It is spread over ‘2200 sq.m area’, manufacturing abundant derivatives of Cellulose, Starch, Citrates and Stearates. All production occurring under Prachin equates to international standards; namely IP, BP, USP, EP & JP all over the world. Prachin Chemical deals with clients all over India and various developed and developing countries over the world.

We produce, market and distribute ‘pharmaceutical excipients’ since more than 3 decades (30 years) in the industry. Our experience in the field has led us in becoming one of the leading service providers in the pharmaceutical industry in India. We have a team of potent employees in each area of our business – sales, distribution, regulatory support and logistics.

Our Vision

“A vision is required even by the mightiest of all, before they can taste success.” We are committed to meet our customers’ requirements and satisfaction by providing best quality products at a cost that suits their pocket.

Our Mission

“Achievements only matter when they are maintained over time.” We will always pursue to achieve and maintain effectiveness of quality management system by motivating our employees and bring Consistent improvement in our system.

Let's Talk Numbers

We have been endowed with a wonderful journey for the last few decades and are determined to attain more superiority in our work. A few happy numbers to be shared with you would be

Happy Clients

The contentment of each of our clients has been the essence of our working style all this time. Working with someone we believe, is not only sharing business space but furthermore building great chemistry in-between.

Accomplished Projects

We are truly proud of the projects we have pulled off working with the elite in the industry and thrive to brim the casket of our achievements.

Our Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" -Hellen Keller. Over the years we have built an extraordinary and excel team concentrated towards improvement by the day.

Our Experience

Administrating for the last 30 years, Prachin brings with it unmatched aptitude and a legacy focused to always prevail. Choose Prachin, choose quality.

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Across the globe

Dedicated to serve, focused for contentment, we have earned a precious clientele across the globe.